No matter how old we are, fashion always plays a memorable part in our lives. Yeah… we all are obsessed with fashion. Isn’t it?
However, this colorful fashion world is also controlled by a set of rules. Rules are made to be followed. But, we have to break some old rules to welcome new trends. Fashion is a miraculous thing that teaches us to break stereotypes. Try out these 8 rebellious points. It’s time to make a revolution in the world of fashion.

Don’t pair printed clothes

Printed clothes are very eye-catching. But many of us are used to wearing printed tops with printed slacks or skirts. But that kind of outfit won’t make you very appealing. If you prefer to wear both printed tops and bottoms at the same time, the true beauty of your dress will be reduced. However, if you are a die-hard fan of patterned clothing, here’s a pro tip. Wear a top with a small printed design and a skirt or a trouser with a larger printed pattern on the bottom. Try this out and enjoy the difference.

Do not wear Denim

Wearing denim jeans with a denim jacket or a denim shirt is a very popular fashion trend that many of us follow. But, No!
Never match a denim shirt or jacket with denim trousers. Instead, you can pair a denim jacket with cotton or linen pants.

Do not use bright colors

Colors like red, orange, yellow, and light green are what we call bright colors. If you are a fashionista, you should never wear bright colors on both your top and bottom. Always try to pair dark and bright tones together. For example, you can match yellow colour with purple and orange coloured clothes with blue coloured ones.

Do not wear sequins during the daytime

Remember Edward Cullen? Bella’s boyfriend sparkles in the sunlight. Edward sparkled like a sequin in 2008. But now we are in 2022. Wearing sequins has fallen out of fashion. Especially, keep in mind not to wear sparkly, sequin clothes during the day. But, if you have to wear a sequin dress for any occasion, be sure to match the sequin dress with plain trousers or a blouse with no pattern.

Don’t wear shoes with skirts

Yeah, you must break this rule no matter how painful it is. Although we can match shoes to a dress, we cannot match shoes to a skirt. Always try to match heels or slippers when you wear a skirt. If you want to wear shoes with a skirt, make sure to match a blazer with the skirt.

Matching your shoes to the handbag

We all love to be attractive. We all like to look beautiful. So make a note in your mind. This is a pro fashion tip. Always match the color of your handbag to the color of your shoes. By following this fashion advice, you can attain a unique and very stylish look.

Do not wear brown with black

Of course, it sounds weird, but you must also break this rule too. Wearing brown and black at the same time is a big no-no. However, you can include brown into your outfit by wearing a brown hat, jacket, or bag.

No full black

Black colour. The favorite colour of both men and women. No matter how much you like black, wear a full black gown only on special occasions. But don’t be sad. Adding more colors to black outfits will make you look even more attractive.

Hey, beauty! Don’t forget to use these tips to be a unique fashionista. Choose the fashion that exactly matches your personality rather than following the same trends as everybody does. You are already beautiful. But if you follow these tips you become a gorgeous person. So… be happy. This time you are going to sparkle like morning sunshine.

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